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report LZ Dec. 11, 2019
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Schädrütihalde Luzern
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study by invitation
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Immobiliennachfrage im Wechselbad

Project 4VIERTEL
Seetalplatz Emmen
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Lussi + Partner AG
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Surehof site Sursee

The Frischfleisch AG site 'Surehof' is located in what is currently the industrial zone north of the town of Sursee and is connected to the centre via the greenbelt of the Suhre river. The new development can be seen as a sequence of large-scale structures which have a connection to the Suhre. The desired density (utilisation factor 2.0) is a challenge but also provides an opportunity to create a mixed living and working area. The concept is based on a dense peripheral development, creating a spacious greenbelt which opens up towards the area of the Suhre. The immediate connection to this significant free space is crucial for the identity of the new quarter. To the outside, the development appears to be a homogeneous unit consisting of four volumes with passageways running between them and which afford views into the green courtyard area. These have a similar function to alleyways in towns. The courtyard area is a meeting point, place of identification and common land for all inhabitants.

Study by invitation, 1st place
Building owner

ff Frischfleisch AG, Sursee

Visualisations: Nightnurse Images GmbH, Zürich

Magdalena Steiger

Daniele Savi

Gabriel Lopes

Specialist planner

Landscape architect: koepflipartner GmbH, Luzern

Urban planning: Hansueli Remund Raumplanung GmbH, Luzern