Residential building Barcelona
AV Monografias 223-224

ZHB Luzern renovation
werk, bauen+wohnen 7/8

Study by invitation
Heilpädagogisches Zentrum Ibach
1st place

Residential building Barcelona
'Ein Blickfang für Barcelona'
SonntagsZeitung 31.05.20

Residential building Barcelona
nomination Premio FAD
architecture award Spain

Study by invitation
Pfarreizentrum Gerliswil
1st place

Study by invitation
Schädrütihalde Luzern
1st place

Project 4VIERTEL Seetalplatz Emmen
status execution planning

Ruswil central redevelopment
with Eberli Sarnen
completion July 2020


Lussi Studio SL Barcelona

Lussi + Partner AG
Neustadtstrasse 3
CH-6003 Luzern
T ++41 (0)41 228 20 30
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Migros residentialand commercial building in Emmenbrücke

The residential and commercial building at Gerliswilstrasse 68 in Emmenbrücke was built in 1962 by architect Walter Schmidli. The renovation also presented the opportunity of newly defining the internal and external relationships of the apartments, together with the quality of the outdoor areas and living spaces. A new balcony layer was attached to the most important façades. The overhanging balcony offers protection against noise and the sun. The new colour concept introduced by the artist Mayo Bucher from Zurich supports the interesting volumetry and increases the presence of the building on Sonnenplatz in Emmenbrücke.

Building costs
CHF 5 Mio.
Direct commision 1998
Building phase
Building owner

Genossenschaft Migros Luzern

Franz Rindlisbacher

Color idea: Mayo Bucher, artist, Zürich

Landscape architecture: Koepfli Partner landscape architect BSLA, Luzern


Lussi+Halter Architekten