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Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek Luzern
Winner Arc-Award 20/21
Category transformation

Daniele Savi
Partnership at Lussi+Partner
from Dec. 2020

Residential building Barcelona
Palmarés Architecture Aluminium Technal 2019

Heilpädagogisches Zentrum Ibach
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21.04.21 groundbreaking ceremony

Project 4VIERTEL Seetalplatz Emmen
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Pfarreizentrum Gerliswil
status building project

Umbau MFH Baselstrasse 80 Luzern
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Housing estate Schädrütihalde Luzern
status building application

Residential building Barcelona
AV Monografias 223-224

Lussi Studio SL Barcelona

Lussi + Partner AG
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renovation and expansion of residential and commercial building Luzern

With the extension of the residential and commercial building at the Baselstrasse 80 in Lucerne, the GSW Lucerne wanted to create new and high-quality living spaces. The building, which was constructed in 1936 by Vogt and Vallaster, is classified as “worthy of preservation” in the building inventory of the Canton Lucerne.The facade facing the Baselstrasse predominantly remains in today’s state.The extension on along Lädelistrasse fills up the backwards shifted upper floors and empowers the street line. The aim is to achieve a compression which fits naturally in between the two neighboring houses. Further living space is realized by building an attic floor. The expression of the new facade plays deliberately with the existing part. The shutters and the axial arranged windows, which play an important role in today’s facade, are included and reinterpreted in the extension.

direct commission
Building phase
construction in progress
Building owner

GSW Luzern
Gemeinschaftsstiftung zur Erhaltung von preisgünstigem Wohnraum, Luzern


Kathrin Danioth
Claudia Bertele-Robledo
Marco Thürig


Blaser Schütz Baurealisation und Kostenplanung GmbH, Luzern

Specialist planner

civil Engineering: w+p Bauingenieure, Rothenburg

electrical Engineering: Gernet Elektroplanung, Kriens

HLKS-Engineering: Josef Ottiger+Partner AG, Rothenburg