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Renovation Stadtkeller Luzern

The Stadtkeller restaurant was built at the end of the 19th century as a German beer hall and is established as an essential element of Lucerne's cultural life in the core zone of the old town. The task was to fundamentally renovate and at the same time upgrade the event venue.

The "Stadtkeller" extends into the corner house from the early 16th century, which is considered an outstanding example of patrician residences in Lucerne. The building perimeter thus includes various building eras. In close cooperation with the monument preservation authorities, the original appearance was preserved and sensitively complemented with modern accents.
These are manifested for example in the new copper grid ceiling, the new furniture, the upgraded floor coverings or the individual lighting. The room-defining cross vaulting, the belt arches and stuccowork in the restaurant hall were renovated in accordance with the preservation order and appear with fresh expressiveness, also thanks to the new colour concept.

Direct commission
Building phase
Building owner

Gambrinus Immobilien AG


Predrag Bekcic

Linda Matschulla

Claudia Bertele-Robledo

Magdalena Steiger

Specialist planner

Bauleitung und Kostenplanung: Blaser Schütz GmbH, Luzern

Innenarchitekt: Matthias Buser, Zürich

Bauingenieur: Bless Hess AG, Luzern

HLKS-Ingenieur: Josef Ottiger + Partner AG, Rothenburg

Elektroplaner: Gernet Elektroplanung, Kriens

Kälteplaner: Kälte Bucher AG, Rain / Luzern

Gastroplaner: Gastro - Konzeptplanung, Kriens / Hanspeter Hohl, Interlaken