Residential building Barcelona
AV Monografias 223-224

ZHB Luzern renovation
werk, bauen+wohnen 7/8

Study by invitation
Heilpädagogisches Zentrum Ibach
1st place

Residential building Barcelona
'Ein Blickfang für Barcelona'
SonntagsZeitung 31.05.20

Residential building Barcelona
nomination Premio FAD
architecture award Spain

Study by invitation
Pfarreizentrum Gerliswil
1st place

Study by invitation
Schädrütihalde Luzern
1st place

Project 4VIERTEL Seetalplatz Emmen
status execution planning

Ruswil central redevelopment
with Eberli Sarnen
completion July 2020


Lussi Studio SL Barcelona

Lussi + Partner AG
Neustadtstrasse 3
CH-6003 Luzern
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"Reuss" SSBL home for the disabled in Hitzkirch, renovation

The former office building has been transformed into a home owned by the SSBL (Lucerne Foundation for the Disabled). The strictly formal appearance has been changed through the addition of free elements such as the balcony and projecting roof. The technical character of the existing house has been minimised by covering the south-east and south-west façade in greenery, thus also breathing new life into the building.The new building application benefits from the existing flexible support structure inside the building. The possibilities of a “plan libre” are fully exploited when allocating spaces. The floor plan is defined by curved room spaces with bathrooms and adjoining rooms, thus separating the public and private areas.The residents are now able to enjoy a home that offers sensual spatial experiences tailored to their own individual needs.
The renovation began in 2008 and came to an end in 2017 with the restructuring of the top floor.

Building costs
CHF 7.5 Mio.
Study, 1st place
Building phase
2008; expansion top floor 2017
Building owner

seriously disabled persons foundation Lucerne SSBL

Franz Rindlisbacher

Bruno von Flüe

Elias Felber


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