Parish Centre Gerliswil
Completion in March 2024

Project 4VIERTEL Seetalplatz Emmen
Completion end of 2023
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Heilpädagogisches Zentrum
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Apartment Building Schädrütihalde Luzern
project status execution
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Retirement centre Nägeligasse Stans
project status execution
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WATA World Architecture Award
Living Collective Housing - winner
Haus für 4 Freunde, Barcelona

Residential building Barcelona
AV Monografias 223-224
Prix AMO 2020/21 - publication


Lussi Studio SL Barcelona

Lussi + Partner AG
Neustadtstrasse 3
CH-6003 Luzern
T ++41 (0)41 228 20 30

Twin Houses in Kastanienbaum

The Twin Houses are located in the Kastanienbaum district close to Lake Lucerne. This new construction is positioned in the picturesque landscape in such a way that only a minimum of the existing terrain is built over. A continuous glass façade on the ground floor gives the residents a direct link to the surrounding area. Ramps are installed for access along the whole building. These invite the residents to experience the building casually at a stroll, whilst also giving a feeling of openness and depth. The spaces are kept dark and accentuated with artificial spotlights. The natural light which streams through the large windows is absorbed gently by the dark walls and ceiling, which then produces a subdued lighting atmosphere. This allows the space to become a place of sanctuary in stark contrast to hectic everyday life.

Direct commission 2010
Building phase
Building owner


Leonardo Finotti

Corina Kriener

Aldo Casanova

Specialist planner

Koepfli Partner landscape architect BSLA, Luzern


Lussi+Halter Architekten