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Hotel Frutt Lodge & Spa in Melchsee-Frutt

The new Hotel Frutt Lodge & Spa in Melchsee-Frutt replaces the old Kurhaus Frutt, which was destroyed by fire in 2004. The simple, reserved form of the original building was used. The hotel building is in stark contrast to the surrounding mountains, which thus appear even more imposing and majestic. The robust outer structure contains interior spaces which evoke a pleasant feeling of security. Solid oak floors, high-quality wood panelling and a range of different textiles create a comfortable, homely atmosphere. The Hotel Frutt Lodge & Spa is comprised of 16 apartments in the east wing of the building, plus 58 hotel rooms and 3 suites. The impressive, two-storey hotel foyer and elegant restaurants invite you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Melchsee and surrounding mountains. These particularly emphasise the lodge atmosphere of the hotel. The spa area in the base of the building surprises thanks to its spacious design.

Building costs
CHF 48 Mio.
Direct commission 2008
Building phase
Building owner

Frutt Lodge AG, Sarnen

Leonardo Finotti / Franz Rindlisbacher

Daniele Savi

Marco Thürig

Marina Emmenegger


Architekturwerk AG, Sarnen

Project management: Siegwart Baumanagement, Buochs

Specialist planner

Interior designer: Matthias Buser, Zürich


Lussi+Halter Architekten